10 outfits to make with your fav t-shirt

Ali + Jen: 10 Outfits for your fav t-shirt

10 outfits to make with your fav t-shirt

Learning how to wear a t-shirt is a skill that everyone should master. As our perceptions change about what constitutes work or party wear, the classic T-shirt has emerged as a comfortable and versatile piece that can easily be incorporated into multiple outfits.

Read on for 10 of our favorite ways to wear a t-shirt.

1. Pair it with a skirt

The quickest and easiest way to wear something simple is to pair it with something classy, ​​like a skirt. A beautiful bright floral pattern in a line, a classic black pencil or a long maxi skirt looks great with a  t-shirt.

2. Wear it with a patterned blazer
Patterned blazers can sometimes be difficult to style in a way that doesn't make them look over the top. But a simple T-shirt is the perfect classic base for your outfit. The combination is unstoppable and appropriate for almost any occasion.

3. Layer it under a  jumpsuit
Almost any cute jumpsuit or a dress with a little too deep neckline looks great as a pullover over the top of a classic t-shirt.

4. Try it out with Wide Leg Dress Pants
Pairing a classic tee with baggy pants and a pair of bright white sneakers definitely casts off a kind of "I'm confident and stylish”. It's still formal enough to be taken seriously, but casual enough that it doesn't seem like you're trying too hard.

5. Try to wear it with "Leather" leggings
This combination is one of the best looks for travel, especially on long flights! It's comfortable enough to feel like I'm relaxing, but still polished enough to look groomed.

6. Add a t-shirt with sweat pants
Running errands? Throw on some sweats and sneakers and go. This actually has been my go-to outfit espcially with kids. I can do most of my small outings in this look and feel comfortable. 

7. Add a Designer Scarf

A super easy way to wear a t-shirt? Add a classic scarf! A great scarf can make a t-shirt look cool, interesting, and beautiful. Pick pretty colors and dare to try the glitters and patterns you might otherwise miss.

8. Add skinny jeans and shoes with bold colors
There is nothing easier, or more effortlessly stylish, than a great pair of skinny jeans paired with a simple T-shirt and a great pair of boldly colored shoes.

9. Complete your look with statement jewelry
Wear sparkly beads, chunky necklaces in sweet colors, or fun fashion jewelry to really make a statement. Think of a  t-shirt as a blank canvas and add color and shape to make things really pop!

10. Perfect look with leather pants
T-shirt with leather pants and blazer. It is a perfect style for everyday use.

Above, we have combine 10 easy ways to wear a t-shirt while still looking good. From simple shirt and skirt combinations to more complicated layering tricks, these style ideas run the gamut.

Check out our t-shirts here and share with us how you wear yours!

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