Our Story

As a busy mom dealing with homeschooling and all of the things that come with living that quarantine life. Fashion was the last thing on my mind.

Often braless and wearing yesterday’s yoga pants, my almost teenage daughters, Ali + Jen had rolled their eyes at me one too many times when I knew it was time to make a change.

When it comes to fashion, I have always had an eye for simple and classic designs. Spending more time than usual home didn’t mean my style needed to be sacrificed. I set out to engineer a solution that I knew would not only work for me, but for modern women anywhere.

My secret to the women’s athleisure wear is the built-in sports bra. With you in mind, I produced pieces that are effortlessly chic and provide the coverage you need without any extra steps. I named the brand after my daughters, Ali+Jen, as a reminder that even in the simplest and most casual of moments, style can still come first.

Just as appropriate in a coffee shop as in a living room,  Ali+Jen speaks directly to the lounging mindset from which the brand was born. These are simple styles, made with women's comfort and women's needs in mind.

All of our women’s apparel is made sustainably and with a focus on our planet’s well-being.